Carigar Welding Machine (5S WM 400A)

Model#: 62CC • 0.81KW • 2800-3200r/min   |    SKU: WM 400A

Carigar Welding Machine (5S WM 400A)

62CC • 0.81KW • 2800-3200r/min   |    SKU: WM 400A

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About The Product:

A welding machine is one of the most important things in a professional welder’s tool arsenal. With the help of this machine, welding together several metal components become easy and hassle-free. Carigar welding machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor functions. Incorporated with the highly advanced IGBT inverter, the machine is ideal for welding and easy to maintain.
Complete your welding tasks easily and conveniently with this Carigar inverter welding
machine. While its multifunctional front panel helps you access various features in a
hassle-free way, its easy-to-carry handle helps you carry it around conveniently.


  • Compact Size
  • High Quality & Power Saving Design.
  • Hot Start Function.
  • IGBT Inverter Technology.
  • Stable & Reliable Multi-Functional.
  • Automatic Voltage Reduction Coupled with an Anti-Stick Function.


Model: 5S WM 400A

Welder line : IGBT Inverter MMA Welding Machine (Single PCB)

Phase : Single

Input Capacity : 5.4KVA

Input Voltage and frequency : 230V/60Hz

Current Range : 20-200A

Applied welding rod : 1.6-5.0MM

Class of insulation : H (180 degrees C)

weight : 7.1 kg

Accessories Included: 1.4m Earth cable with earth clamp(CCA), 1.6m electrode holder(CCA), Protective mask, Brush, 2m power cable
₹ 16,500/-
*Excluding taxes

In Stock

₹ 16,500/-

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